New organoids research presented at prestigious conference.

Dr Thierry Jarde from Monash University, part of the organoids research partnership established with the Monash Partners Cancer Comprehensive Consortium (MPCCC), recently presented his current reseach at a prestigious organoids conference in Heidelberg, Germany.

His poster presentation was titled: "Predicting response to therapy using patient-derived colorectal cancer organoids". 

According to Dr Jarde's research, colorectal cancer is the third most frequently diagnosed cancer in the world. Clinicians are faced with numerous challenges in the treatment of this disease and approaches which predict the response to therapy are critical to successfully cure patients. Cancer organoids are rapidly becoming a valuable pre-clinical model that most accurately mimics functional features of the original tumour from which they are derived. Cancer cells, isolated from resected colorectal cancer tissues and cultured in a coktail of growth factors, develop into 3D structures called organoids. Organoid-technology holds great promise to trial therapies before they reach the patient and should allow optimising drug treatments whilst avoiding unnecessary side effects to patients. 

Dr Jarde was additionally garnered with the EMBO travel award to attend the symposium. Congratulations to Thierry and his organoids team!


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